About us

BAJOLIKA is a family company founded in February 2005.

Our business is organized in several divisions:


BAJOLIKA PLUS – CHILDREN’S WORLD – The retail stores of children`s clothing and toys, and professional event decoration.


BAJOLIKA PLUS – FIELD COMMERCIAL SERVICE for the companies operating in the territory of Republic Serbia – From 2016 we have initiated commercial service representing companies in the territory of Vojvodina and Serbia. We have represented or still represent companies dealing with manufacture or import of kitchen dishes, clothes, textiles, dry cleaners, truck tires, panel fences, tools, and devices for manufacture, refreshments, and space maintenance machines.


BAJOLIKA PLUS – Services we deliver to the foreign companies intending to place their products on the market in Republic Serbia – THE FIRST STEP SERVICE – From August 2019 our offer includes the realistic field case analysis of the market in Republic Serbia regarding the products intended to be placed on the market, the placement mode determination and detection of potential importers operating in Republic Serbia. We also make the basic study for the foreign branches opening in Republic Serbia regarding their operations and placement of their products. We do not offer legal or accounting services.


DIVLJAKOV DARKO-DIRECTOR of the company was born on 09. 10. 1976. He used to be a manager of manufacturing sector in the factory Šinvoz Zrenjanin where he had managed the sector for spare parts manufacture for the rail vehicles. In February 2005, together with his wife Aleksandra, he started the company Bajolika.

The family company Bajolika permanently progresses and expands its business. Result of many years of experience is commencing of the new activity in the company Bajolika, the field commercial service for the companies operating in the territory of Republic Serbia. This new field of work enabled acquiring of new experiences regarding performance of Serbian entrepreneurs, manufacturers and importers.

Through time and our hard work we became familiar with the large portion of the market in Republic Serbia regarding different activities and in August 2019 we expand our work into service delivery to foreign companies that want to place their goods on the market in the territory of Republic Serbia. We offer to them THE FIRST STEP service to achieve that aim.